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About us

Each member of our team is outstanding, but together we are unstoppable.

A team formed through the errors, victories and experiences in the science and blockchain ecosystems, composed of learners and innovators in our respective fields of expertise. With an unwavering commitment to human technology and a scientific-based approach to blockchain, we are poised to make great strides in our industry.

core team

"To lead is to inspire"

Guillermo Cid


Gabriel F. Yanssen


Christopher Fitzpatrick

Our stars

"If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back"

Rick Vanegas

MBA | Business Development, Growth & Strategy Expert | +15 years of experience

Brian Anderson

Cybersecurity Guru | Technical Editor

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar

Forbes Council Member, Visionary Chairman - EST Global, EST FAB, ESTAGRX, RAHA, Aspagteq.

Ramesh Shrikonda

Business development Master | Coinstore Official
High quality approach

Why are we different?

At our company, we are confident in our ability to shine when it comes to quality projects. Our personalized approach sets us apart from the competition, as we prioritize crafting unique and exclusive solutions that address even the most complex problems. We don’t believe in generic, cheap ideas – instead, we take pride in being handcrafted, professional problem solvers.

GBA compliant

We take pride in being fully compliant with the directives and guidelines of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). We are certified in the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) and serve as advisors on the Blockchain Standards Committee.

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